July 22, 2007

It is a struggle for an ideal that has to establish itself on earth in the life of humanity, for a Truth that has yet to realise itself fully

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Sri Aurobindo said that Hitler was the greatest menace the world had to face and that he would stop at nothing to achieve his sinister object, even to destroy the whole civilisation,—wrote Nirodbaran in his Twelve Years with Sri Aurobindo. In the course of one of his sessions with the disciples attending on him, Sri Aurobindo asked Dr Rao: “Do you know that Hitler is trying to get a foothold in South America and doing extensive propaganda there?”
He himself answered: “It can lead to attack against the USA. He is now practically master of Europe. If he had invaded England after the collapse of France, he could have been in Asia by this time… Now another force has been set up against his. Still the danger has not passed. He has 50% chance of success. Up to the time when France collapsed, he was remarkably successful because he had behind him an Asuric Power which guided him; from that Power he received remarkably correct messages.”
In a letter to a disciple written in 1942 about the danger of the Nazi victory:
“You should not think of it as a fight for certain nations against others or even for India; it is a struggle for an ideal that has to establish itself on earth in the life of humanity, for a Truth that has yet to realise itself fully and against a darkness and falsehood that are trying to overwhelm the earth and mankind in the immediate future. It is the forces behind the battle that have to be seen and not this or that superficial circumstance… There cannot be the slightest doubt that if one wins, there will be an end of all such freedom and hope of light and truth and the work that has to be done will be subjected to the conditions which would make it humanly impossible; there will be a reign of falsehood and darkness, a cruel oppression and degradation for most of the human race such as people in this country do not dream of and cannot yet all reaslise. If the other side that has declared itself for the free future of humanity triumphs, this terrible will have been averted and conditions will have been created in which there will be a chance for the Ideal to grow, for the Divine Work to be done, for the spiritual Truth for which we stand establish itself on the earth. Those who fight for this cause are fighting for the Divine against the threatened reign of the Asura.”
In the course of a conversation with the attendant-disciples, in 1940:
“Had it not been for Hitler, I wouldn’t have cared what power remained or went down. Now the question is whether the new world-order is to come after much suffering and destruction or with as little of it as possible. Destruction of England would mean victory for Hitler and in that case, perhaps after a great deal of suffering and oppression, and reaction to them, that world order may come or may not, or it may come only after Pralaya! Of course the issue has been decided by the Divine Vision and there can be no change. But nobody knows what the decision is.”
In a poem written within six weeks after the start of Second World War Sri Aurobindo describes Hitler as the dwarf Napoleon and calls him a Titan Power supporting this pigmy man, a crude instrument of a mighty Force, violent and cruel, devil, child and brute, a screaming orator with a strident tongue,
Now the world for his eating a ripe fruit,
His shadow falls from London to Korea,
Cities and nations crumble in his course…
We are very familiar with the trick the Mother played on Hitler, even as at one crucial juncture she impersonated the Lord of the Nations and guided his disciple to attack Russia when the War was actually going well for him. The deed was done—by her. RYD

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