July 08, 2007

The origin of human speech is the greatest mystery and it will be the focus

When the Mothership Lands: Secrets of the CIA’s Psi-Plasma Vortex
By Drew Hempel, MA Anti-Copyright Fall, 2007
I call this structural plan: “The Surplus Value of Consciousness.”
For example Noam Chomsky in a 2003 response to critiques of his linguistics points out that Charles Pierce’s concept of abduction is still a misunderstood form of logic.
Abduction is considered a central form of logic but in essence it means the intuitive grasp of the key laws of nature.
In the same 2003 book Chomsky speculates that it’s very possible science is governed by the cycling of the elements even though this hypothesis is no longer considered in vogue.
Again these are aspects of techno-spirituality derived from the foundation of Chomsky’s philosophy—that there is an instinct of freedom tied to the genetic basis for I-language. The foundation for Chomsky’s philosophy is the Libertarian philosopher Wilhelm Von Humboldt who gave a series of critical lectures on Vedic philosophy which greatly influenced Hegel.
Professor Noam Chomsky analyzed how all cultures share the same universal triadic grammar structure with a noun-verb-preposition, albeit in different orders and slightly different terms. When abstract language, non-tonal language was being developed and conceptualized by Achilles, the Greek language was read like Hebrew, from right to left. Supposedly this right to left direction was to not smear the wet clay that the stylus imprinted. But Leonard Schlain, M.D. in his book Goddess and the Alphabet, discusses how there has been a shift from right-brain dependence to left-brain dominance (see also recent research on the neuroscience of right to left brain dominance reversal in the academic journal Culture and Cognition).
David Abram’s book Spell of the Sensuous goes back to the Greeks and Jews language and ecology connections but not to the psychological origins of Indo-European abstract language and their common origins. The verb “to be” is not common outside the Levant (literally “sun-riser”) but “I Am that I Am” (the definition of God) also refers to gematria – the resonance of meaning through sacred images. Chomsky was inspired by Martin Buber who studied mystic gematria and the Hindu texts have argued that even Chinese ideograms were first related to the Srutis or spiritual resonance of syllable ratios. “Natural Auditory Boundaries” blend visual signals creating cultural cognitive constructs called “magnet effects” that literally change brain perception. Malidoma Some, a shaman from Burkina Faso, says his elders talk about the “competing literacies” between tonal, non-literate land-based languages and the written text. Many scientists consider the origin of human speech to be the greatest mystery and it will be the focus of professor Christopher Knight’s forthcoming book The Human Conspiracy.
Ancient history seems just quaint storytelling to many modern cell-phone, cable-dependent city slickers but the Dravidians, a global African tonal language culture, predicted today’s materialistic destructive age as just a cycle within the eternal return of the axial precession – the spiral torque on earth driven by the Sun and Moon, galactic and cosmic forces. “I Am that I Am” is the Freemasonic gematria of the squaring of the circle that encloses infinity (“I” is the One as side magnitude and “Am” is the circle as yin-yang resonance) and this Freemasonic squaring of the circle was documented by UC-Berkeley math professor Abraham Seidenberg as far back as the 3,000 B.C. Brahmin India human sacrifice rituals. (In the academic journal Folklore Seidenberg also promoted a secret society to socially engineer the planet through the same Freemasonic rituals). The ritual sacrifice altar technology resonating with the Sun (“I”) and Moon (“Am”) forecast a trajectory now being completed with the most successful unified force theory – resonating superstrings.
Physics professor Brian Greene’s latest book, Fabric of the Cosmos, states that superstring theory turns the “Parable of the Cave” lesson from Plato in reverse. Even if humanity breaks the chains to realize that the fire is the source of the shadows on the cave wall, superstring theory states that shadows of information – or resonating nonlocal consciousness – is the source of that human perception. Greene states that the truth is not the Fire or the Sun but the Shadows (the gematria “that”) or the eternal empty awareness! Greene admits that David Bohm’s nonlocal consciousness wave could be a valid interpretation for quantum mechanics.
I study the inference of conspiracy (literally meaning the secret binding by breath) and consciousness, tantra and technology. While I write I provide direct evidence. “This is evidence that, if believed, proves a fact without inference or presumption. It precludes the necessity of inferring whether an action constitutes (in this context racial discrimination), because it compels that conclusion.” So says Harvard University law professor Randall Kennedy in his recent book Nigger.
The irony of science is amazing: all humans spoke the same language possibly just 15,000 years ago, with a proto-language explosion first driven from the apocalyptic conditions of Sumatra’s super volcano explosion in 40,000 B.C.E. – coevolution through punctuated equilibrium! As language become more formalized and less musically-based (e.g. “musilanguage”) it detached from its local ecology. Computers have now reverted to “artificial life” – contextual neural networking algorithms as adaptive resonance theory language. But will it save ecology? (An excellent overview is Imitation of Life: how biology is inspiring computing by Nancy Forbes, M.I.T. press, 2004). One of the largest supercomputers simulates and attempts to manipulate ecology – in Japan – but Gaia scientists, who analyze Earth as one self-regenerating “organism” state that the planet has gone into an unpredictable, highly volatile state of chaos (see The Wealth of Nature by professor Robert Nadeau, 2003). The U.S. military is even using biologist Andrew Parker’s evolution research book In the Blink of an Eye for adaptive resonance artificial life strategies.
Men are hunters but ultimately the quest is to kill the ego, the I-thought arising from the heart-mind. Science, as documented by former M.I.T. history professor David F. Noble’s book The Religion of Technology, is a tantric quest for technology to be the great Demiurge or Freemason Master of the Universe! About 1/3rd of U.S. university research is military funded and in the 1950s 70% of physicists were military funded so science is inseparable from genocidal imperialism. The science obsession with symmetry through axiomatic reason is really just a continuation of the Freemasonic Pythagorean Tetrad-Pyramid Power of the ancient irrigation empires. Betrand Russell calls Reason a “harmonizing, mediating force” in his book Mysticism and Logic but this harmonizing is true not for humans—it is true for empty awareness! The search for the origin of the I-thought is also the search for the origin of “I Am that I Am” which is also the “power axiom set” logic (the Pythagorean Theorem) that squares the circle.
Maverick psychologist Stan Gooch in his magnum opus book Total Man calls this search for hypofrontal cortex silence to overcome cognitive asymmetry, the harmony of “System C.” Unfortunately recovering control of what Freud called “the primary process” is also labeled “hyper-reflexive awareness” by those who treat schizophrenia...
The great unifier is Husserl’s phenomenological zero-point Being, the empty awareness allostasis, that each human joins in deep dreamless sleep, as analyzed in professor Rudolf Llinas’ recent microchip-promoting neuroscience book I of the Vortex. And that “that” is the source of the universe. Max Born in his book on the Theory of Relativity states that Einstein proved that the Ether does exist only it is Formless and without Substance! One as empty awareness is the eternal substrate, the truth of all reality, that can only be inferred from the I-thought. As Professor Dan Zahavi states in recent his book Alterity and Self-Awareness only the I-thought does not refer to anything and so as a sound it is “self-affective” and self-transcending and the I-thought demonstrates transcultural Reason. Science works on either deduction or induction but as physicist John Bell explained there is a way to escape the inference of action at a distance decried by Einstein: In the light of the outcome of the quantum mechanics Aspect experiment a perfectly valid conclusion is that there is complete absolute determinism in the universe and a complete absence of free will. This transcendent formless Reason is described in John Gribbin and Michael White’s Einstein: A Life in Science...
What must be confronted is the great crime of truth that Western Civilization was founded on. Pythagoras did not create the Pythagorean theorem even though almost all scientists based their logic and analysis on this founding lie! ...Even Aristotle, who also lied about Pythagoras, stated that only Unity is indivisible while measurement is contextual. Aristotle was against Plato’s use of Zero as an infinity as well...
The fact the scientists can not see past the event horizon of the universe with its critical mass of the Pythagorean ½ demonstrates that consciousness is beyond science! Vedic philosopher and freemasonic yogi Sri Aurobindo supported and promoted this question for the “Transhuman Rapture” as Yale lawyer James Gardner calls the quantum chaos racemization AI evolution in his book Biocosm, rated a top ten science book of 2003 by Discover magazine. Again in this context technology is defined as Tantra – the product of a commodity-fetish, subversive “left-hand” (radical evil, reptilian cerebellum) twist to the forged iron, refined sugar “right-hand” superego of logical law and religion as the axiomatic “I Am that I Am.” (Analysts Dr. Morris Berman, Stan Gooch, Colin Wilson and professor Slavoj Zizek are the best on these structural “strategies of tension”) Posted by Great Galactic Ghoul at 9:40 AM

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