July 16, 2007

You seem to vent your (anger? / frustration? / unhappiness? / irritation?) on a number of fronts

Anonymous said...
> Thanks for replying.
Same here.
> I never demanded immediate publication of the Series. The basic thrust of my post was:[What is the progress with respect to different volumes.The subscribers are totally in dark. It is astonishing why a simple letter is not issued every quarter or so.]You have not commented on that.
Your original post doesn't have 'one' basic thrust. You seem to vent your (anger? / frustration? / unhappiness? / irritation?) on a number of fronts. What you posit as your 'basic thrust' is one of them, and perhaps the most justified of these. The PD could indeed let subscribers know how things are progressing every once in a while. My comment and observation on the rather harsh and accusative tone of your original post continues to stand. On this of course we may both choose to disagree...
> Further, you have mentioned that:[Even now new letters of Sri Aurobindo are surfacing.] This is what we outsiders are eager to know. When did it surface? From where? These kind of tidbits can light up our day. And these facts are of enormous historical significance.
Indeed, but would you rather they work on completing the set first, or start a journal to disuss new finds?
> You have asked me to [elaborate on charges such as "those who have access go on to publish books and articles by leveraging their privilege"]I am willing to do so provided, 1) You disclose your full identity and location,
You don't hesitate to make charges publicly, so why do you refrain from elaborating them publicly? Is my identity so important? Consider me a fellow-sadhak with another point of view.
> and 2) You assert that they have not published books or articles.
I have no clue, and you are the expert, it seems! On one hand, you want them to provide you with 'tidbits', what research is going on and what findings are taking place, and on the other you would not like them to use the information they are 'privileged' to access, for writing articles. Strange contradiction this!
> Personally, you are free to defend [the quality of what has come out so far], but that cannot be taken as a critical acclaim.
You are quite right on this. I am curious though, what do you think about what has come out so far?
"May we grow wide", as the Vedas say. V 1:42 PM

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