July 17, 2007

Lack of clear solutions to our many differences

Anonymous said...
Once and for all, to explain my stand: the issue in question is not whether new material is being discovered or whether the Publication Department is or should be writing articles...The sooner we have everything, the better, no doubt, but I care 2 hoots as long as I have the full set within the next 15 years, or before I die, I hope!
My objection is simply that the attitude expressed in the above paragraph, and the first post in general, is unfair towards the people and the Asram which is working towards compiling the new edition, (apart from being arguably 'unyogic', or as the blogmaster might prefer, a bit 'unSavitri-Eranlike' - excuse my harmless sense of humour.)
> A devotee has the right to know more and more about the Lord and there is nothing wrong to be restless for the same.
Indeed, indeed, and who is stopping the devotee? Plunge into the Yoga of Knowledge, read Srinivas Iyengar or George Van Vrekhem, read On Himself, The Mother - know and experience all you want about every aspect of the Divine...but, what is expressed in the above para is something quite other than wanting to know "more about the Lord".
I may add here, that I am expressing my concerns only because I genuinely feel that the kind of feelings expressed in the above quoted para, and which is frequently done by others online too, work like acid, eating away at the tender and special bonds that hold together the Aurobindonian community. Particularly, in the absence of the physical presence of our Gurus and the lack of clear solutions to our many differences, may we be a little more understanding, patient, and kind to each other, and abtsain from flinging around unchastened, unsubstantiated emotions and thoughts. This holds true for me too, and I apologise for any ruffled feathers.
I believe, not restlessness, but an intense and yet patient individual quest is the need of the hour; if successful, its repurcussions will no doubt echo around us, in the larger Aurobindonian community, and in the human collectivity beyond as well.
And then, maybe, just maybe, the new set will be out quicker too. :)
"May we grow wide," as the Vedas say. V 11:34 PM

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