June 02, 2017

Searching the truth is the best ethics

This MWI model to me gives a precise mathematical model for visualizing how the One Reality underlies the multiplicity of individual souls, which, without this model, seems to me truly mind boggling.

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June 1, 2017

The assumption that there is an ontologically real physical universe is respectable, but is a metaphysical assumptions, and there are no evidence for it. On the contrary, results in math and physics, seems to me less and less compatible with it.

June 1, 2017

Drugs can help to perturb the brain enough to shaken our most solid prejudices. Of course we should not take for granted what we see, only what we understand, but that is true for all form of teaching.

June 1, 2017

With mechanism, physics is even, a consciousness, first person plural, construction. It is not the fundamental science, even if it staus the best tools for prediction, and for testing theologies.

In science, ethic is automatically detached from metaphysics, and even theology, because in science we never claim anything to be true.

We can fear the human misunderstandings, and worst, the humans' exploiting the human misunderstanding, and we should denounce them, and resist them.

In fact the machine already explain to us, when we listen, that there is no applicable ethical theories, but there are principles which can prevent the misuse of ethical theories. The machine explains (accepting some definition) that the ethical virtues can only be taught by examplar behaviors, and lead to the contrary effects when taught with words.

The many worlds is not unethical, we keep an important partial control, and we are master of the quality of our lives, as long as we are not enslaved by liars around us. We can change the proportion of the worlds accessible in the many worlds from our current world/dream.

I think that searching the truth is the best ethics, no matter which theories we try and test, as long as we do not claim having found the truth.

June 1, 2017


Once the essential importance of Concept is understood in science and by scientists, namely 'that for the sake of which anything exists or is,' then the relevance of virtue, morality, ethics and theology in science can be reintegrated. It is not possible to establish the purpose by arithmetical, mechanical or digital methods because they are essentially analytic processes. The example of the False Elephant was posted to this group to explain the problem of analysis as clearly as possible.

For Plato the Idea of the Good was that purpose for which everything has its existence. For Aristotle the Good or final cause is not only "the good for something," but also "the good which is the end of some action."  [Met. 12.1072b] When the Good or final cause is known as God then theology is indicated.

B Madhava Puri,  Ph.D.
June 2, 2017
Princeton Bhakti Vedanta Institute
BHAKTI VEDANTA INSTITUTE – of Spiritual Culture & Science
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In fact, my General Law of Simultaneity states that if the events happen, they happen necessary simultaneously, otherwise it will disturb the wholeness of Reality. My next idea is that we should not mix the speed of light with the speed of information propagation as Einstein did. That is why I think that Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity is incorrect in principle.

Serge Patlavskiy
June 1, 2017


So one should not believe that string theory has solved all the problems of fundamental physics. It would be dangerous to use it as a guide to problems of consciousness. By the way, you might know that Luboš Motl was a student of Tom Banks and is a good string theorist. He has a pro string theory blog, although he publishes lot of blogs on politics and other social subjects. In fact he published my guest blog in 2014 (Hinduism for physicists)!  I visit his blog every day and ask questions often. You may want to visit his blog, motls.blogspot.com

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June 1, 2017

Dear Kashyap

Amanda Gefter may only be a science journalist, but she has a PhD in the philosophy of science from the University of London, and I find her understanding of modern physics to be at a very deep level. I have not read anyone who writes about the nature of ontology (what exists in reality) with greater authority or insight. The irony is "Nothing is ultimately real", not even the science that demonstrates through logical deductive reasoning that "Nothing is ultimately real". You've got to love the irony of that. In the immortal words of Morpheus in the Matrix, "It would seem that reality is not without a sense of humor". The irony of using the logical consistency of science to prove that "Nothing is ultimately real" is very much like the use of a paradox of self-reference in the Gödel incompleteness theorem to prove a logically consistent mathematical system can never prove its own logical consistency. If this doesn't make your head spin, I don't know what will.

By the way, the holographic principle is more general than String theory (or M-theory), and is based on more general arguments about the logical consistency of physics (how relativity theory can be unified with quantum theory without violating the second law of thermodynamics). Certainty 't Hooft is no fan of String theory, and the holographic principle has no greater advocate. I do not consider Tom Banks to be a String theorists. His arguments are all based on non-commutative geometry, which is much more general than String theory. String theory can only be applied in anti-de Sitter space, and cannot be applied to a de Sitter (cosmic) horizon that naturally arises in our universe with the expression of dark energy (the accelerated expansion of space), which is both confirmed by cosmic observations and is the basis for the inflationary theory of the big bang event.

Non-commutative geometry does not suffer from this limitation. The de Sitter (cosmic) horizon is observer-dependent, with the observer located at the singularity of the big bang event. When non-commutative geometry is applied to the observer's cosmic horizon, the horizon becomes a holographic screen that encodes all the bits of information that define the configuration states of everything the observer can observe in its world. This conclusion is totally independent of any String theory arguments.

June 2, 2017
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