October 04, 2006

The Adventure is probably the best book

My burning heart...Intro
I recently got hold of "My burning heart" from a gift shop on south street in downtown philly. I read it in 2-3 sittings. It probably has the simplest and most lucid explanation of Satprem's experiences with The Mother (Her) as the book is actually an interview of Satprem and Sujatha.
I am a great fan of "Sri Aurobindo, Or the adventure of consciousness". It is probably the best book I have read on Sri Aurobindo (Him) thus far. More on that another time.Through the following series of blogs ("My burning heart") I want to express what I gained from this book. We always understands better when we express what we read/know in our own simple words. I'll try to do that here.
I quote from the book as much as required, but no more.
1. The moment we start defining ourselves (as materialist, spiritualist, buddhist, atheist, christian, hindu, muslim, etc.), we put ourselves into a fishbowl/box. We catch the "we've-got-the-truth" syndrome.
2. Truth is something that "becomes". Something perpetually the same and forever in becoming. It isn't something we catch once and for all, but something we must learn to INCARNATE more and more. Not in our minds with more philosophies and dogmas, but in our body, in our flesh...
3. The Sannyasi, the buddhist, the illusionist abandons the world for a heaven/nirvana/peace...just like the terrorist/anarchist wants to bomb and destroy the world...both want escape, just the means are blissfully, the other diabolically...
4. If that's all there is, this Earth has no sense or purpose...5. That's the burning question that brought Satprem to Mother... posted by Aspiration @ 4:17 PM Monday, October 02, 2006 Mind of the Cells This blog is an outlet of my appreciation for Satprem's writings.

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