October 28, 2006

Symbols in ancient cultures

The Garden of Man and other stories from ancient times— Medhananda ISBN: 81-86413-35-9Publication Date: 25-Oct-2006Binding: Soft Cover Pages: 87Price: Rs 150
An avid student of ancient symbol-languages, Medhananda wrote this book of translations and interpretations, almost meditations, on the meanings behind three symbol-texts: a 3500-year old hieroglyphic message from an Egyptian tomb, the iconic image of the tree as presented in several ancient cultures, and an old Egyptian fairy tale. He views and presents these as teaching images, symbols that lead the reader towards self-awareness.
Immortal Wisdom from ancient times in myths, tales and legends— Medhananda ISBN: 81-86413-32-4Publication Date: 25-Oct-2006Binding: Soft Cover Pages: 177Price: Rs 190
Medhananda, a German disciple who served as the librarian of the Sri Aurobindo Library for many years, was also a researcher and interpreter of the symbols in ancient cultures. In this book he examines several myths, tales, and legends in the light of mystic experience. What he sees are not stories about nature gods or tribal histories of kings and warriors, but facts, events and powers of the inner life. For him Heracles is not the muscle-bound hunter and hero of Greek myth, but the seeker of ultimate Truth, a symbol of the awakening consciousness of man. Other interpretations concern tales from ancient Egypt, the Bible, and the Brothers Grimm.

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