October 20, 2006

Cosmic salvation through spiritual evolution

Sri Aurobindo born Aug. 15, 1872, Calcutta, Indiadied Dec. 5, 1950, Pondicherry. Original name Aurobindo Ghose, Aurobindo also spelled Aravinda seer, poet, and Indian nationalist who originated the philosophy of cosmic salvation through spiritual evolution. Aurobindo's education began in a Christian convent school in Darjeeling, and then, still a boy, he was sent to England for further schooling. He entered the University of Cambridge, where he became proficient in two
The history of Hinduism > The modern period (19th-20th century) > New religious movements > Aurobindo Ashram Another modern teacher whose doctrines have had some influence outside India was Sri Aurobindo, who began his career as a revolutionary. He later withdrew from politics and settled in Pondicherry, then a French possession. There he established an ashram, or asrama (a retreat), and achieved a high reputation as a sage. His followers saw him as the first incarnate manifestation…
Systematic exposition of mystical experience > Attempts of mystics to record the nature of their experiences The theory or interpretation of mysticism is not mysticism. Generally, there are two sides to the theory: philosophical and practical. There may be another: confessional and justificatory. Though some mystics have been content to record what happened, others have worked out manuals of praxis (techniques), or sadhana. As a rule, mystical method, experience, and exegesis…Encyclopædia Britannica

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