October 07, 2006

Humankind is on the brink of a spiritual awakening

From: "Philip Miller" To: CC: Subject: Namaskar Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2006 09:57:14 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Friend -
By way of introduction, I am a 61 year old Euro-American who after many years of spiritual searching came to the riches of India. Most recently I have been reading the writings by and about Sri Aurobindo, and in the process researching more, came across your blogs. I envy you for facility with verse and pen!
I also believe Humankind is on the brink of a spiritual awakening that began with the likes of Sri Aurobindo and is growing gradually, like one pebble sliding down a mountainside, eventually becoming a rockslide or avalanche. It will take many years, even generations, to complete, but I feel it a special privilege to be one of those who not only perceives it but hopes to be part of it. Please do continue your blog postings! I am placed a bookmark so I can return time and again. Most sincerely, Philip Miller

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