October 05, 2006

Master of the eternal run-on sentence

Dr. Robert L. Moore. Author of numerous books and audio tapes on the Jungian approach to archetypes, and specializing in masculine potential and growth. I have been heavily influenced by Moore's work over the past ten years, especially his articulation of the four major archetypes of King/Queen, Warrior, Magician and Lover. His newest book is: Facing the Dragon: Confronting Personal & Spiritual Grandiosity. His web site is here.
The Evolving Self: Problem & Process in Human Development (1982) by Robert Kegan. One of the worlds leading developmental thinkers, Kegan's perspective on the dynamics of the evolving self (inspired by the work of Jean Piaget) is a vital addition to the growing literature on human growth and evolution.
The Synthesis of Yoga (1948) by Sri Aurobindo. Educated in England, inspired and informed by his native India, Aurobindo's vision of evolutionary spirituality is unmatched. Aurobindo is also the master of the eternal run-on sentence and reading him takes a lot of work and patience! But, as we decipher his work, our minds can open to new possibilities of personal and spiritual growth.
The Sacred Mirror: Non-Dual Wisdom & Psychotherapy (2003) Edited by Prendergast, Fenner & Krystal.A collection of essays on the application of the Non-Dual spiritual understanding into psychotherapy.
Maps of the Mind: charts & concepts of the mind & its labyrinths (1981) by Charles Hampden-Turner. An overview of various maps and conceptualizations of the human mind as put forth by the world's greatest writers, painters, philosophers, and psychologists. Great background material.

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