October 21, 2006

Savitri Era invites everyone

Politics need not remain alien
The Bush regime is often derided for identifying itself too openly
The intention of Nature
One of the philosophical innovations of Sri Aurobindo
From Kant to The Cantos
In the very first paragraph of The Life Divine
We won’t be silent
If young people are unwilling to go with the religion
Carry the words forward
Sri Aurobindo wrote in English and The Mother’s works
Savitri Erans must be politically savvy
It’s good that the political cleavage in India
Auroville, locus for a larger discourse
The Economic Times, today, carries a nice leader article
Discarded history
The Life Divine (CWSA Vol. 21 & 22) is in hand
Amchi Mother
Some years ago, the residents of Mumbai
Salvation via Hegel
It is a welcome sign that theoretical debates
Religion is basically mind-space, but also
Savitri Era is the sunlit path
“Is religion the new fashion?” was the debate CNN-IBN

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