October 11, 2006

Savitri is the masterwork of Sri Aurobindo

About Savitri Bhavan
Savitri is the masterwork of Sri Aurobindo, freedom-fighter, poet, and spiritual pioneer. Taking as his framework and starting point the ancient Indian symbolic legend of Satyavan and Savitri, Sri Aurobindo worked on this epic poem from October 1916 to a few days before leaving his body in December 1950. Almost 24,000 lines of masterly mantric poetry carry the essence of his revolutionary spiritual vision. His spiritual co-worker, The Mother, has said of it :
“ Savitri - the supreme revelation of Sri Aurobindo's vision.”

“I believe that it is his message. All his other writings are preparations, but Savitri is the message.”

“ Savitri is a mantra for the transformation of the world”.

We dream of an environment in Auroville that will breathe the atmosphere of Savitri that will welcome Savitri lovers from every corner of the world that will be an inspiring centre of Savitri studies that will house all kinds of materials and activities to enrich our understanding and enjoyment of Sri Aurobindo's revelatory epic that will be the abode of Savitri, the Truth that has come from the Sun. Support is welcome from everyone who feels that the vibration of Savitri will help to manifest a better tomorrow.
Savitri Bhavan is located in the International Zone of Auroville, between Bharat Nivas and Matrimandir. It has been created as a unit of SAIIER (Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Educational Research) to be a focal point for Sri Aurobindo studies in Auroville, taking Savitri, his revelatory epic poem, as a starting point for exploring his other writings, and using what he has written elsewhere to deepen our understanding and appreciation of Savitri, the most profound and powerfully creative of all his works. It is meant as a place where all kinds of materials for study, research and concentration on Sri Aurobindo's revelatory epic poem Savitri can be gathered and made available.
The varied activities being organised and developed by Savitri Bhavan aim to make Sri Aurobindo's insights more accessible to people of very different psychological types and cultural origins. Our object is not mere intellectual or academical scrutiny of Sri Aurobindo's language and thought. We approach his writings for help and light, for the psychological insights and support which can aid us to live in such a way that Auroville can fulfil its mission as a pathfinder towards a new kind of human society. Home > Education > Educational centres > Savitri Bhavan Auroville 605 101 Tamil Nadu INDIA Email :

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