October 08, 2006

String theory and post-modernism

Re: The Trouble with Physics: Has physics gone postmodern? ('The New Yorker' magazine) by Rich on Sat 07 Oct 2006 10:29 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link
Actually I dont equate string theory with post-modernism, as much it post-modernism is more reflective of particle physics who view of the universe as in its uncertainty. Resisting grand totalizing theories, it deals in probabilities. While string theory, whose origins can be traced back to finding explainations for "black holes" seeks a grand master narrative which would unify all four forces rather then leave it to spooky uncertainty. String Theory seeks to explain the universe in a few equations, . Although for all its uncertainty partical physics has provided some of the best experimental verification frameworks, while string theory has not. Since it cant be empirically verified, Smolin and Woit, equate it with the slippery scholarship of cultural and value relativist often made into a parody of post modernism as a whole. Although one can agree with some of Smolin's contentions, string theory still remains elegant, and since so many scientist are fools for beauty, it is not likely to die out soon. But the post modenism refer to in the article is generally, the kind which fetish relativity so much as to be ridiculous.
There are also famous cases of hoaxes perpertrated by scientist in which they published articles on the cultural relativity of PI =3.14, in serious critical social journals which show how silly some of the extreme forms of post modernism are, which as Deb says lack hermeneutic interpenetration. However, the post modern world view IMO has more similarities with particle physics than String Theory who for all its theorizing still seeks some grand totalistic formula to explain everything. Smolin may best be advised to better aquaint himself with findamentals of post-modernism which may cohere more closely with particle physics then he thinks.
A final observation: Unlike post-modern theorizing, integral consciousness must be lived ("integral theory is an oxymoron" as theory is an experession of post-formal operations whose epistemological framework integral consciousness encompasses and exceeds) So to I believe taht finding an ultimate formula to explain Everything will never pan out. By its nature Everything requires a more transparent vehicle to come to presence than any theorized mathematical formula can provide. although so much useful stuff will come out of the attempt to find a theory of everything I hope they dont stop. rich Main Page CONSCIOUSNESS COSMOLOGY PHYSICS RESEARCH METHODS PHILOSOPHY - Postmodernism

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