October 23, 2005

Contradictory and yet complementary

Jainism and Physics: Anekāntvād successfully harmonises or accommodates such views and completes the description of physical reality. But when we talk of manyfoldedness, the question obviously arises, how many. Certainly more than one but can it be infinite? Jains talk of saptbhangi or sevenfoldedness. This has been very clearly explained by D.S.Kothari in his essay on" Complementarity principle and Eastern philosophy". Upanishads talk of Advaitvād and Dvaitvād. Purush and Prakriti as the sole cause(s) of the Universe. One is the energy and the other is its manifestation. One can exist without the other. Can particle-wave duality be considered in this context?. In his exposition of Isa upnishad, Sri Aurobindo talks about "uncompromising reconciliation of the uncompromising extremes such as the Conscious Lord and Phenomenal Nature, of renunciation and enjoyment or Action in nature and Freedom of soul or the Active Lord and the passive Akshara Brahman which are contradictory and yet complementary providing two sides of the same reality." posted by atul, Thursday, October 06, 2005 5:02 AM

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