October 26, 2005

Kheper Essays

Wisdom Traditions
Aboriginal Spirituality by Steven Guth Pan Gu - the Primordial Person of Chinese mythology - Professor Evgeny Torchinov Esoteric Secrecy by Robert Searle
New Paradigm(s)
Towards an Ecognostic Evolutionary Paradigm by M.Alan Kazlev Towards a Foundation of a Universal Esoteric Science by M.Alan Kazlev, Arvan Harvat, and Steven Guth Multi-Dimensional Science - integrating science with mysticism, and religion by Robert Searle A New Integral Paradigm by M.Alan Kazlev
Social Reform
Transfinancial Economics - a proposal that new non-repayable unearned money can be responsibly created without raising taxes - by Robert Searle
The Divinisation Of Matter - Lurianic Kabbalah, Sri Aurobindo, and the New Physics by M.Alan Kazlev Sabbatianism, Tikkun and the Big Bang Theory by Yakov Leib haKohain The Concept of "Evil" in Buddhism and Lurianic Kabbalah - Professor Evgeny Torchinov
The Earth as the Focal Point for Cosmic Transformation by M.Alan Kazlev Background and afterthoughts on "Journey to Earth's Dawning" - Steven Guth interviews Philip Simpendorfer

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