October 26, 2005

Journal of Consciousness Studies

How does the mind relate to the brain? Can computers ever be conscious? What do we mean by subjectivity and the self? These questions are being keenly debated in fields as diverse as cognitive science, neurophysiology and philosophy. JCS is a peer-reviewed journal which examines these issues in plain English Current Issue: Vol.12, No.8-10, August-October 2005 BBC Reith Lectures 'The Emerging Mind' based on three JCS papers by V.S. Ramachandran Also of interest: Holland on Machine Consciousness Dean on Astrology; Alcock on the Psi Wars Full text also available from: Contentseditors Full Text Subscriptions Authors Reviews Online Books
For those who have not checked it out, the Journal of Consciousness Studies is a very impressive forum. It brings together minds as diverse (and as in disagreement with each other) as the transcendentalist Huston Smith and materialist Daniel Dennett -- I think it's very good to have this sort of discussion take place openly. Certainly such dialogue is necessary as we move into an era where the West has to globalize its outlook. Another good journal I've checked out is Anthropology of Consciousness. spiritofnow

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