October 26, 2005

Lurianic Kabbalah, Sri Aurobindo, and the New Physics

M.Alan Kazlev
The Divinisation Of Matter - This essay first appeared in Esoterica (later Magick) magazine, issue no.7, 1996. Contents The Kabbalistic Cosmology The Fall - Stage One The Origin Of The Universe According To Modern Physics The Cause Of Imperfection The Restitution (Stage One), And The Fall (Stage Two) A Lurianic-Physics Synthesis Tikkun Or Restitution (Stage Two) The Aurobindoan-Mirran Conception Of Supramentalisation The Collective Transformation Stages On The Path To Supramentalisation The Universal Body The Transcendence Of Life And Death The Physics Of Supramentalisation The Kabbalistic Cosmology
In Kabbalah, the Absolute Godhead is referred to as En Sof, literally "no end", i.e., "The Infinite," which is not only infinite, eternal, and unitary, but ineffable and indescribable as well. Most Kabbalists, being good monotheists, identified the En Sof with the God of Revealed Religion (the "God of Israel", etc). Rabbi Luria however was very perceptive in allocating the Personal God to a lower station, the World of Atzilut, so that the En Sof becomes the Transcendent Absolute, equivalent perhaps to the Nirguna Brahman of Vedanta, and the original Tao of Taoism. Modern occultists tend to understand the En Sof in this manner too.

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