October 26, 2005

Understanding The Creation

Based on lectures by Sri Bimal Mohanty
We are talking about being spiritually knowledgable and yet spiritually ineffective. After all what good is acquiring knowledge? What benefit does it give us without its application to life? Without its application within our family, social, vocational or community life what purpose does it serve? Why acquire knowledge at all? In this context it is worth remembering what Sri Aurobindo has said. He said, knowledge does not end with knowing nor is it pursued and found for the sake of knowing alone. It has its full value only when it leads to some greater gain than itself, some gain of being. Simply to know the truth and to remain in the pain, struggle and inferiority of our present way of being would be á poor and lame advantage.Therefore knowledge ­ and here we are talking of Adhyatmic knowledge must necessarily be translated to our everyday life for our greater good. e-mail : Web site or

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