October 29, 2005

Dal Sabzi for the Aatman

Dr Mangesh Nadkarni spoke to us on very interesting topics:
Wonders of the Mind
Western thinkers believed that the world was born 5000 years ago.
Indian Puranas claimed that Creation is 8.64 billion years old.
The ‘Big Bang Theory’ now says that the ‘Big Bang’ took place about 10 billion years ago.
Darwin’s Theory claims that life emerged from water and went on to become more intricate.
The Avataars in the Shrimad Bhaagvad claims a similar theory.
Relativity of Time
Indians knew about it long ago as is apparent from a story in ‘Yoga Vashishta’.
Modern Psychology was ‘simple’ until mid 19th Century.
The deep insights into the Human psyche as is described in Patanjali Sutras, boggles the mind.
Pingala discovered the 0 (zero) 2400 years ago (without which Mathematics and Computers would have become an impossibility).
Nobody has written a ‘grammar’ comparable to Pannini 2000 years ago…
Humans can become ‘Gods’ with the ‘help’ of Technology.
Humanists and Sri Aurobindo claim that Humans can live a perfect life through Spirituality:
Disease free, deathless…Transhumanism can harm, be destructive.
Man has to change from within. We may be able to reach the moon, but cannot conquer the negativities of the ego.
Mother said: Death is a bad habit. We can transcend it. Science is also claiming the same thing.
Vedic assumption: God is already involved in matter…a tree is more like God than matter…
Without matter’s permission, God cannot re-establish Himself.
Earth and Heaven must join.
Man has to rise to Divine Greatness.
Darwin has no answer as to how ‘life’ came from ‘non-life’.
Human life change without change of human nature is unnatural not impossible.

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