February 22, 2006

I am the Mystery!

In response to the recently released Cosmic History Chronicles and the esoteric meanderings compared to Carlos Castaneda ... Madame Blavatsky ... G. I. Gurdjieff ... Alice Bailey ... Sri Aurobindo .... As we have witnessed in the blossoming of Velatropa's, our "known" universe (which can be called by infinite names--in reference to Spinoza's plea for "God" to be interchangeable with "Nature" or whatever dribbles off the tip of one's tongue when one points at the moon), infinite expansion, there is the Known and there all-ways continues to be the Unknown...
We can, as Buddha hinted at, become a lamp to the ever-evolving Known...which is ultimately: taking responsibility for our own perceptions and the myriad of agreements we choose to make regarding these perceptions. However, darkness remains. And isn't is a darkness that has a lamp onto itself? It screams: "I am the Mystery!" With such silence it screams...and still, the esoteric ones scream back, "I know." What ultimate Truth can be known? Only that which dissolves all dimensions, all dualities, and all definitions. I have come to a place of surrender that the Unknown is Allah's realm and will remain to be. WhiteMagneticWind (a_dancewithrain) wrote,@ 2005-05-13 14:01:00

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