February 08, 2006

Keep It Simple, Inspiring.

Integral Activism, Criticism, and Participation by ebuddha
on Fri 25 Mar 2005 04:50 PM PST Permanent Link
I take as self-evident that an integral view – one version of which embodies by Ken Wilber and Integral University, but really, a view that has been promoted at least since the time of Aurobindo, and is promoted by other independent thoughtful people and organizations, such as CIIS – is the most comprehensive, and an inclusive and qualitatively better way to approach life.
Myself, I take this for granted. I can't see having a shallow fundamentalist viewpoint is in any way superior than having an integral life – as long as there are “action plans” for new people to work with. And as I keep mentioning this on this site – integral practice requires Keep It Simple, Inspiring.

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