February 06, 2006

Kotarba and Fontana

Kotarba, Joseph A. and Andrea Fontana, editors The Existential Self in Society. With a Foreword by Stanford M. Lyman. 256 p. 1984 Paper $22.00sp 0-226-45141-0
The Existential Self in Society explores the ways in which we experience and shape our individuality in a rapidly changing social world. Kotarba and Fontana have gathered eleven original essays that form an exciting contribution and an ideal introduction to the emerging field of existential sociology.
Foreword by Stanford M. Lyman Acknowledgments
1. Introduction: Existential Sociology and the Self Andrea Fontana
2. Self: Sociological Portraits Marilyn Lester
3. The Emergence, Security, and Growth of the Sense of Self Jack D. Douglas
4. An Existential View of Organizations: Is the Member Condemned to Be Free? Ronald W. Smith
5. The Victimized Self: The Case of Battered Women John M. Johnson and Kathleen J. Ferraro
6. Blood and Money: Exploiting the Embodied Self Wendy Espeland
7. Leaving the Convent: The Experience of Role Exit and Self-Transformation Helen Rose Fuchs Ebaugh
8. The Media Self David L. Altheide
9. The Homosexual Self and the Organization of Experience: The Case of Kate White Sheldon L. Messinger and Carol A. B. Warren
10. Creating the Competent Self: The Case of the Wheelchair Runner Dwyne R. Patrick and John E. Bignall
11. A Synthesis: The Existential Self in Society Joseph A. Kotarba
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