February 13, 2006

Sri Aurobindo: pre-echo of Ken Wilber

An external unity with others must always be an outward joining and association of external lives with a minor inner result; the mind and heart attach their movements to this common life and the beings whom we meet there; but the common external life remains the foundation, the inward constructed unity, or so much of it as can persist in spite of mutual ignorance and discordant egoisms, conflict of minds, conflict of hearts, conflict of vital temperaments, conflict of interests, is a partial and insecure superstructure. The spiritual consciousness, the spiritual life REVERSES this principle of building; it bases its action in the collective life upon an inner experience and inclusion of others in our own being, an inner sense and reality of oneness. The spiritual individual acts out of that sense of oneness which gives him immediate and direct perception of the demand of self on other self, the need of the life, the good, the work of love and sympathy that can truly be done. A realization of spiritual unity, a dynamization of the intimate consciousness of one-being, of one self in all beings, can alone found and govern by its truth the action of the divine life.
Sri Aurobindo literally predated Ken Wilber. Ken is now reknown as the foremost philosopher from the US. The above passage is but one example that Sri Aurobindo had things pretty much figured out. The references to inner, outer as well as individual and community is the AQAL framework of Ken. posted by Infinisri Phoenix, Arizona, United States Sunday, February 12, 2006 at 11:24 AM CoReNViA

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