February 05, 2006

Primal Renaissance

The Journal of Primal Psychology, Autumn 1995, Vol. 1, No. 1
Egg and Sperm Memory:Universal Body Movements in Cellular Consciousness and What They Mean by Terry Larimore, L.M.S.W., and Graham Farrant, M.D.
A Key to World Peace in Cellular Consciousness
Cellular consciousness is the complete memory that we each carry in our bodies of our earliest experiences, including conception and the separate experiences of being a sperm and an egg. Research in the field of pre- and perinatal psychology is showing how these early times and experiences influence us in ways that we have never be-fore been aware of, much less understood. It is being shown more and more that we are constantly (unconsciously) and profoundly affected by these experiences in every aspect of our lives.
It is our feeling and belief that psychotherapy on the level of cellular consciousness is an important key to bringing peace to our precious, fragile planet. This exploration of deepest emotions is revealing the consequences for children (born and unborn) of our actions on levels at which we used to be unaware that consequences existed. The knowledge gained in this work is already having a profound effect on the field of psychotherapy as well as on the "birth industry." It is an effective double-edged tool to heal hurts that have already been inflicted and to help us to not inflict the same hurts on our children. That is our wish and our mission.
Six Universal Body Movements
In watching people access their own cellular consciousness, we have found that there are six body movements that appear spontaneously in all people, everywhere around the world, across all cultures, and regardless of education. This happens among people who have not spoken with one another, never been exposed to information about cellular consciousness, and have not seen videos or tapes of others expressing their feelings or reliving experi-ences at that level.
The purpose of this article is to share the information we have found so valuable by describing these six body movements and the feelings and meanings associated with each one. Our experience is that the more deeply we know ourselves, the more sensitive and compassionate we become with ourselves and others. We hope this information will provide confirmation to many who have been experiencing cellular consciousness in their primal regressions (possibly without recognizing it as such) and help facili-tators encountering such experiences in their clients. We hope readers will take the information in this paper as descriptive—not prescriptive—and use it to recognize what sometimes emerges, naturally, in regressive sessions. It is not a checklist for what "ought" happen.
The "meanings" we list for each movement are the amazingly consistent interpretations of the experience reported by adults who have undergone regressive psychotherapy to reach and express deep feelings. The meanings reported by therapy clients are remarkably parallel to the biological realities of conception. These interpretations are reported by people with little or no knowledge of conception biology. It has also happened that a client has re-ported an experience that was not, at that time, a part of medical knowledge but was later discovered to be biologi-cally true. The fact that hundreds of clients are spontaneously expressing the same movements and ascribing to them the same meanings is strong evidence that conception is a powerful imprint.
Each peculiar experience/memory includes a unique set of feelings for each person. However, there is a "typical" set of feelings associated with each experience and, in some cases, we mention some common variations in feeling patterns traceable to each experience. What follows is a summary of the six universal cellular experiences including the body movements and feelings commonly associated with them.

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