February 08, 2006

Transformation of the body

Time Challenges with Integral Practice by ebuddha on Sat 08 Jan 2005 04:48 PM PST Permanent Link Boy do I agree with this.
Actually, given the all various lines and levels to be in "care of", according to Ken Wilber, at some point, you have to come to realize you really can't take care of them all. I'm going to go ahead and link to, and fully reprint, this page from One Taste. Begin Ken Wilber:
"There are many ways to talk about integral practice. “Integral yoga” was a term first used by Aurobindo (and his student Chaudhuri), where it specifically meant a practice that unites both the ascending and descending currents in the human being – not just a transformation of consciousness, but of the body as well.
Mike Murphy’s Future of the Body is an excellent compendium of an integral view, as is Tony Schwartz’s What Really Matters. I outline my own integral approach in The Eye of Spirit. Murphy and Leonard’s The Life We Are Given is a practical guide to one type of integral practice, and is highly recommended."

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