February 06, 2006

Transforming Action

Challenging Certain Pedagogical Givens in MBA Education - K. Sankaran
Abstract: This paper challenges eight “givens” that seem to form the dominant pedagogical worldview held by students and academics alike in management. While experience and reflection of the author is the foundation of this paper, it is buttressed by thoughts and findings expressed by scholars and thinkers from diverse fields. These eight “givens” are posed along with alternatives that fit with what a knowledge society demands resulting in eight dialectics. The eight dialectics are:
• Prescriptive vs. Descriptive
• Seeking others’ examples vs. Seeking own theories
• Dichotomized vs. Dialectical thinking
• Perpetrating Action vs. Transforming Action
• Knowledge getting expended on supply vs. Knowledge enhancing on sharing
• Referencing: Begrudged recognition vs. Finding kindred souls
• Language as instrument vs. Language as reality
• Conceptual Self vs. Existential self
This paper is meant to trigger reflection and deeper discussion on Pedagogical assumptions and practices in management education. While the paper is “shaped” by management education, it is hoped that the insights gained here have application to other areas of higher education, and through a “backward domino effect”, on early education pedagogies too. posted by Sankaran Sunday, February 05, 2006 at 3:58 PM Management Education TAPMI, Manipal, Karnataka, India

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