February 06, 2006


Radhika said... There is a incredible sense of justice described in the portrayal of Maheshwari.. I have never heard much of this aspect of the Divine Mother before...An aspect to aspire for all spiritual seekers, in the way she sees no difference between "Asura, Rakshasha and Pisacha and those that are revolted and hostile"...However, that oneness does not blind her to the faults of Her innumerable children and She sees and treats them as they are... I especially liked that one....3:57 AM MAHESHWARI posted by Parvati at 10:10 PM
ventilatorblues said... Sri Aurobindo writes so beautifully, and with an almost blinding clarity of expression. 5:56 PM
Parvati said...Dear VB, Oh - Sri Aurobindo simply kills me; you have no idea. His clarity is just the gravy, the power of expression, the knowledge and experience that leads to this clarity and power, the capacity to transfer the experience through his words and writings - all, all is amazing..
ventilatorblues said...Parvati I am sold already. Essays on the Gita is perhaps the most significant book I have read in my life. I am currently reading Secret of the Veda, but its slow-going. 8:09 PM
Parvati said... Aaah! You have made my day by these words. The Secret of the Veda is the very book that I am reading now. If you read the non-linguistic chapters with the thought that Agni is the Divine Will in man, and the rest of the Gods like Indra, Varuna, Sun, Aditi, Mitra, Sarama, Saraswati are all there to lead us on the path of Truth to Divine Immortality and Bliss, then the Secret makes very interesting and spiritually extremely helpful reading.
Each of these Gods and Goddesses has a significance and are not unconnected at all to men and our own specific spiritual path. Actually, whatever he says in the Secret is also written in Savitri but without actually specifying such vedic gods' names, but only their powers and purposes.
I found the Synthesis of Yoga from the book of Yoga of Works (the first chapters are ok, but I love everything else from the Yoga of Divine works), a very beautifully written, simply explained and extremely useful to Sadhana book. Do start reading it stat if you can get hold of it...9:40 PM

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