February 05, 2006

Krishna's dance of harmony

Parvati said... Sure, Radhika; I could write out what I have understood of Sri Aurobindo's poems. I will start with this poem here... And yes, Krishna will be happy to see Sri Krishna's statue, if not by seeing my implicit and immediate obedience to his request!
This poem: Sri Aurobindo says that the very fact that Kali's power is needed is sort of a regrettable thing; She is absolutely necessary inorder to make right wrongs that are rampant here. And Sri Aurobindo laments about the fact that we see so much of Kali's work here, but nothing of the harmonious working of Krishna - which is possible only if the world itself or humans themselves have become pure enough, right enough, full of light enough for things to proceed without destruction, death or all the negative methods needed by Kali, instead of from one blossoming to another a smooth dance of Krishna in love etc.
Pain, grief,chance, death, fate, the veiled Initiate is our soul I think that is the immortal in man , but is forced to embrace death, and Grace happens only after a long lonely sacrifice by great men or the soul in man - all these perforce need Kali's violent power to bring about a harmony. To raise the soul through the seven steps from matter, life, emotions, mind, reason, overmind, and supermind, man's sorrows are needed. Actually the poem says that through man's sorrows only can Kali do something worthwhile. But the world shouldnt need Kali anymore, when will it require only the quiet sweet harmony and love of Sri Krishna's rhythms..Better learned people might give better explanations, I am sure. You have only me here the Imposter Exegete of the blogworld! So bear with me...8:27 PM
Radhika said... That was so beautiful.. I opened a whole new insight that I was missing. Such beautiful message conveyed, that for lesser intellectual mortals like myself, you have to explain every gem of a poem like you have done just now...What a comparison between Kali's dance of destruction and Krishna's dance of harmony. And the seven steps thro which sorrow leads us to the Divine are enlightening.. So many layers in this poem that it opens a whole new vista of thinking in the reader.. 1:15 AM

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