July 11, 2006

Himalayan lack of understanding

People go off hunting for a new religion in the East, get groovy psychedelic experiences in the Himalayas or somewhere in India, then come back down as "enlightened" liberators of Catholics and clueless Christians. A lot of these people were previous Catholics or disgruntled Christians who turned their backs on the religion that got them to where they are. See the subtle performative contradiction there?
Suddenly they start yapping on how great Hinduism is, how enlightened Buddhism is, how perfect Taoism is, how cool (insert your favorite Eastern religion, including Atheism, here) is. Well, good for them! But I say that some (or most) of them are just sporting very puny beer-goggles! It’s not even Oakley! Hah! I even dare say that some (or most) of them deny Christianity simply because they’re a bunch of ignoramus-hypocritical! They are the ones who make fools of themselves by their lack of understanding of Christianity. coolmel

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