July 03, 2006

The tragedy, the terror and the tears

Anticipating Buber, he (Vyasa) saw history as the encounter of the temporal and the eternal, the empirical and the transcendental; and anticipating Berdyaev, he saw in history a divine programme for divinising human existence... [Sri] Aurobindo('s) vision of History has the bookishness of Hegel’s tidy schema, Spirit fulfilling its schedule of progress with no problem whatever. But history is fatefully open ended, for man can abuse his freedom to become an Asura and wreck himself too thereby. Man can regress to a cannibal, Bhima drinking Duhsasana’s blood. Man may commit race-suicide, as nearly happened in Kurukshetra where only 9 men survived out of 18 vast armies. I am afraid [Sri] Aurobindo’s inflated rhetoric does not see the terror and the tears at the heart of things. [Krishna Chaitanya (Dr. K.K.Nair)]
Cioran graduated with thesis on Henri Bergson; however, later Cioran rejected Bergson, claiming the latter didn't comprehend the tragedy of life. Wikipedia

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