July 24, 2006

Remember to offer all of this to the divine

grant said... You say "the true and full object and utility of Yoga can only be accomplished when the conscious Yoga in man becomes...outwardly contermious with life itself.." Sri Aurobindo himself said that getting realizations was relatively rapid and easy for himself, but taking the advances into the outer life took up the bulk of his time and effort in the sadhana. It is enormously difficult.
I strive to make Yoga conterminous with my life and I certify that advancements can be made, with satisfying results even, but it is not easy. I do think that people on the path should share the "nuts and bolts" of their experiences in life. For instance, I must daily remember to surrender the results of my actions to the Divine. I beat myself up for mistakes, worry about the outcome of what I do on the job, worry about hurting the feelings of family members, etc. I continually have to remember to offer all of this up to the divine. None of it can I judge for myself. Only the Ishwara can weigh the significance of my small actions.
Over time, this continual offering has gotten perhaps 25-50% easier but still remains something that must be constantly remembered. It does not become "automatic" like so many other attitudes do. Has anyone else had this problem?

Tusar N Mohapatra said... One very unique and significant aspect of Sri Aurobindo's insights is the concept that our core and causal personality, what he calls the Psychic Being, is the arbiter of our life and destiny, In fact, he goes on to add that the Psychic Being decides on the broad formulations of the life's tenor and texture before the birth. Our life then becomes the opportunity to unfold the secret manifesto with a large proportion of distinctness.
Sri Aurobindo, therefore, emphasizes upon the Swabhava and Swadharma, one's own specific manner of perceiving the reality and partaking of it. The contingency, the contextuality and the historicity, accordingly, form the great adventure in hermeneutics of the book of Nature, of which our life is but a leaf.

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