July 20, 2006

Integral has to be practical

Sorry about the Wilber criticism of the last blog post and the linked essay; I know a lot of people here are fans of his work; anyway I've basically said everything I wanted to say about him in my essay on Integral World (although a few more minor points will be posted in a follow up essay). For the rest I fully agree with C4Chaos when he said (in the course of email conversation) that deconstructing Ken is pretty lame, because it doesn't offer anything practical.
Thus what I would like to do, both on Zaadz and on Blogspot, is offer a practical alternative version of what Integral means.
To me, as an aurobindonian- Wow, that sounds a bit fundamentalistic! It reminds me of when i used to have discussions and debates with Christians (they were very decent and broad-minded spiritual people, I'm not talking about fundamentalists; I would talk with them too but it was much more frustrating!), and they would always say “As a Christian, I- (whatever)” Their attitude always felt alien to me.
Ok, let's start that again. To me, as an enthusiastic student of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother (that's better), “Integral” cannot be just theory, it cannot be just mental. Integral has to be practical, and it has to be about transformation, an Integral Transformation of all aspects of the individual being and the collective consciousness, the Earth as a whole. Tagged with: practice, Zaadz, Integral, blogging, transformation, C4Chaos, Sri Aurobindo, Christians, Blogspot, LIve Journal, Integral Transformation Access: Public Type: Blog Add Comment posted by M. Alan

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