July 22, 2006

I like Sri Aurobindo's teaching because it is so incredibly comprehensive

Well I'm still working on my follow-up essay for Integral World, which will probably be titled Towards a Larger Definition of Integral (II) - an Integral meta-paradigm. This will present a larger meta-picture in which various integral philosophies and practices can, hopefully, be placed. Individual aspects of Integral will be able to be defined according to several parameters, such as theory and practice, esoteric and exoteric, and an ascending scale of spiritual insight and realisation.
This is again based on the Aurobindonian paradigm, I like S.A.'s teaching because even at the intellectual level (which is what I am talking about here, not the direct Soul insight beyond the mental) it so incredibly comprehensive; with only a little fiddling literally everything can be included there! Talk about integral, this is uber-integral! But I stress again I am in no way an orthodox aurobindonian; some of my interpretations may be considered strange. That is why, if anyone is interested in Sri Aurobindo, it's best to read his stuff yourself, not rely on my interpretations.
As for my essay already on Integral World (call it Towards a Larger Definition of Integral (I) ), apparently Mark Edwards(a "strong positive" critic on the Visser scale) is going to write a reply refuting my assertion that Ken Wilber is a physicalist. Well, that should be intersting, because I have never seen anything in Wilber-V that indicates anything other than physicalism! So hopefully we'll get a nice debate going! posted by m alan kazlev at 1:00 AM Saturday, July 22, 2006

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