July 21, 2006

Sri Aurobindo showed us the Way to the New Society

Sri Aurobindo has told us about the future society. If we transcend all the mistakes and superstitions and defects and limitations of the old thinking and practices, even of the religions throughout the World, throughout the West and the East, all the grossness and blindness and limitations of materialism, the limitations and narrowness of the scientific method and rationalism that do not include the realm of spirit and consciousness, we will be transforming our society in a New Society. He has showed us the Way to the New Society, opening the doors to all higher and diviner possibilities.
According to Sri Aurobindo, all human activities, situations, circumstances can be transformed and uplifted with the help of spiritual consciousness and force. Whatever is your field of action, you can come within the purview and compass of the new Spiritual force that transforms. Indeed, the spiritual consciousness and force always transforms, but we the human beings did not come near the transforming horizon and were not prepared.
The Time was not also ripe - we did not evolve to be ready for the new attempt. The new possibilities can touch everyone and everything. All existence can be infused with the Divine inspiration and infusion. And infinite possibilities and forces and capacities hidden in human beings can be released by the New Force of the Divine, the Supramental Consciousness and Force, which Sri Aurobindo discovered and tried to bring down on earth, and which descended on earth, as declared by the Mother on the 29th February 1956.
Perfection is progressive. Hence, good and evil are continuously changing from time to time in their meaning and value. Personal need and the good of the collectivity govern human conduct. Sometimes, conflict is born of the opposition of the two tendencies, which govern human action: the individual and the collective. To solve this problem, a new principle is arrived at, aiming to surpass, control and reconcile them. This is the ethical or moral ideal. However, conflicts are not resolved; they appear rather to increase. When applied to life, moral laws, which are often arbitrary and rigid, are obliged to end in compromises with life, which deprive them of all meaning and purpose.
The ethical law, a creation of the limited Mind, is a false image. Behind it, there is a greater truth of a vast limitless consciousness, the supreme law of our divine nature. It decides perfectly our relations with each being and with the universe in totality, and it also expresses of the Divine in us. It is the supreme principle of action, which is simultaneously an imperative law, with an absolute freedom. 4 Comments posted by Barin

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