July 29, 2006

Matter itself becoming conscious

alan kazlev Says: July 29th, 2006 at 1:21 am You are confusing the standard Eastern “two truths” form of monism with Aurobindonian Supramentalisation. Advaitin or Wilberian or other concepts of Enlightenment are not the same as Aurobindonian Supramentalisation, as I have argued at length in part 3 of my essay, and as anyone can see by reading the last four chapters of Sri Aurobindo’s The Life Divine or his other writings, the Mother’s Agenda, or even the extracts of the latter in Satprem’s Mind of the Cells or other books. This is not in any way to denigrate sublime insights of the traditional teachings, only to point out that the Aurobindonian concept of the Divinisation of matter goes even beyond that, it is a process of matter itself becoming conscious and enlightened.

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