July 22, 2006

Ken Wilder

spiritofnow's journal 5:50 pm - Ken Wilber Disappoints Me Yet Again
I am signed up for Frank Visser's Integral World mailing list (Integral World is a website that hosts essays that are mostly critical of the work of the mystical philosopher Ken Wilber), and received a disturbing mail informing me of certain comments made by Wilber a few days ago.
SES has a massive bibliography and a set of endnotes, which look very impressive, but once you start going to the primary sources you very often find that they are not saying what Wilber says they are (he clearly misrepresents Sri Aurobindo, for example). Reading the critiques by esotericists M. Alan Kazlev and Arvan Harvat, and skeptic Geoffrey D. Falk convinced me a long time ago to take Wilber with a grain of salt, but I think after this latest development the man has completely lost credibility as far as I'm concerned. I don't have the time to draft an ultra-witty post on Wilber's latest shenanigans so I will just say things as they come to me. Here is what happened.
Ken recently wrote a blog entry censuring his critics for failing to understand his philosophy, for being imbeciles, and for not being sufficiently evolved to comprehend his point (tautologically of course, the test for being adequately evolved is that you would agree with Ken). I actually don't have a problem with this, but you have to read what he wrote to realize that the man is seriously narcissistic and living in his own world of self-importance. ( Read more... ) (39 comments comment on this)

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