July 07, 2010

Choreographer of the coming and the inevitable

Actually this topic train, raises a profound ethical question regards an understanding of integral yoga and its aims. If a move toward unification (aka human unity) is nature secret intention. Does the method that brings this about justify the ends? For instance in Sri Aurobindo's postscript on the Ideal of Human Unity states that it might even take a 3rd world war to accomplish its ends. It is precisely here where the difference between terrestrial and cosmic concerns or humanist versus anti-humanist ideals conflict. I have heard some in the yoga voice the opinion that we should not concern ourselves with matter of social justice, because this matters not for the divine whose evolutionary movements transcend human affairs. Therefore, one should not be alarmed if in the process of globalization that social justice is trampled upon because this is all part and parcel of the movement toward world unity.
The hidden meaning here is: Just shut up do you yoga the spirit will take care of itself In short the cosmic program of evolution is prioritized and human concerns for things like social justice are eschewed. It does not matter if the world blows up and we start again with bacteria because all this matters not to the play of the spirit. While I can understand this position that privileges the cosmic and universal over the terrestrial and local and also recognize that sometimes the consequences of a major war is to bring about conditions so it does not reoccur, I do find this position to be extremely problematic. One reason is that this view is also consistent with a fundamentalist vision of the world, in which all that matters is God's actions in the world, the final redemption and the inevitable second coming. Martyrdom is easily justified by such reasoning. Such a perspective would also diminish attempts at caring for the things of the world, for all these terrestrial things matter not in the face of the cosmic unifying action of the spirit. IMO those who hold such a view assume the position of the omniscient observer who in the absence of a god take it upon themselves to render judgments as to what is or is not consistent with the cosmic movements of the spirit in time. There is a fair amount of hubris at work when one plays such a role.
So the question I want to pose to anyone is as follows: is this in fact the interpretation you take away from integral yoga? And if so what makes this perspective any different from that of any other literalization of religion that discards the importance of terrestrial and human things for those that are cosmic and divine?

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At the same time, Sri Aurobindo underlines the fact that humanity is turning today towards world unity, and the central problem for the human endeavour in this connection will be as to how the nation will adjust itself to the pressure ...
Aurobindo underlines very clearly that as we ascend to Supermind our very being in its substance changes not merely our thinking. This point is absolutely essential. Mind gives up all its "moulds, ideas, opinions, ...
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Choreographer of the coming and the inevitable – “I am vanquished by the beauty of the Unborn” - Aurobindo has given the world a task and a testament, his dreamed magnificence of things to be. Sisirkumar Ghose
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