January 20, 2006

Anil, Amal, Nirod, Dilip

"In lotus-groves Thy spirit roves:
where shall I find a seat for Thee?
To Thy feet's tread - feet dawn-rose red
opening my heart Thy throne shall be".
(From a short poem in Bengali by Anilbaran Roy and translated by Sri Aurobindo.)
Amal: I used to beg the Mother to put her hands repeatedly on my chest. I said, "Open me up her. Open me up here." And she used to put her hand there. And when this opening finally happens, you have a tremendous overflowing of joy - joy and purity, too. You are in a different kind of dimension, you might say. There is a warmth and a glow in what we call the heart center, which is the true guide to us. How to feel it? How to be one with it? How to be taken up by it? It´s all an inner process. And you have to be very, very honest with yourself. Because we like to feel that we now have the highest guidance. But it may not be true. There has to be a humility, a willingness to be completely proved wrong. Because there is no end, I think. There is always a beyond to everything. Even the so-called highest thing will not be the terminus. The best thing is to follow the psychic being and surrender. A meeting with Amal Kiran, Pondicherry by Craig Hamilton
Nirod: An "outsider" may find the book filled in places with devotional outpourings, miraculous phenomena and mystical overtones. But I have tried to the best of my power to give a faithful account of what I have seen and heard and what part we played in the great drama with the Master as the principal actor. Naturally, subjective impressions could not be quite left out, for it was not my purpose to draw an entirely detached description of my experience. Yet those who are interested in having an objective picture of the most sublimely enigmatic Person of the modern age, one whom thousands have felt to be a veritable God-Man, will have, I believe, sufficient food to satisfy their seeking. For the rest, his own works are there in which to dive and gather the treasures of his supreme vision and unparalleled realisation. "Twelve years with Sri Aurobindo" Foreword
I have cherished you like a friend and a son and have poured on you my force to develop your powers – to make an equal development in the Yoga. Your destiny is to be a Yogi but an ascetic dryness or isolated loneliness is not your spiritual destiny since it is not consonant with your swabhava which is made for joy, largeness, expansion and a comprehensive movement of the life force…
Poetry and music come from the inner being…That is why you got the poetic power as soon as you began Yoga…Go on in the path of Yoga without doubt…Surely you cannot fail! - Sri Aurobindo

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