January 19, 2006

I am totally blown away by the mere presence of "The Mother"

A Matter Of Time: Well I obviously changed the site around a bit. Ive been until recently reading the works of Swami Rama, but along the way I found Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. I have only just begun reading them but I can say that what little I do understand at this point seems to make most natural sense and entails a completeness with regards of the two halfs of the whole.
Ive read the first book of Aurobindo's "Life Divine" through once and am slowly posting the chapters here as I edit out the "white space" and foot notes from the original copy, and have downloaded Parts I & II of the second book, and will eventually post them as well. Its a bit wordy, and as my niece once quipped, it "makes my brain hurt", but its thoroughness leaves no gaps for assumption.
While Aurobindo intelligently incorporates many philosophical aspects and perspectives within his writing which in itself is an amazing feat, I am totally blown away by the mere presence of "The Mother" as she brings to fruition the wisdom of the feminine earth-love aspect of spirituality in a male spirit-intellect oriented realm, which has until this time, stood in extreme defiance to the feminine aspect of life. Who ARE Sri Aurobindo and The Mother? Human Aspiration
I had commented elsewhere that the contrasts between the first and second chapters of the book of Genesis were the inception of an idea (creation) and the physical process of becoming (evolution), and that it was this two-step process by which the Universe came into it only logically stands to reason that the mental aspect of human being accepts the critically essential role of the feminine aspect in an intelligent, metaphysical, non-mythological manner. That is...IT JUST MAKES SENSE. INVOLUTION/ eloquently completely simple. posted by dennis Tuesday, January 17, 2006 at 4:19 PM The Four Aids

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