January 26, 2006

Sri Aurobindo's occultism

Spiritual Heavyweights: RM, SA, KW eBuddha cross-posted a cool link on GenerationSit. The SELF blog had a good pointer to Ramana Maharshi speaking about Aurobindo’s philosophy - Here is the link - a very good conversation, that brings up a whole host of questions.I'm cross-posting my comment here.
thanks for this excellent post! the link you included is very insightful. these two mystic heavyweights really set the standards when it comes to realization. as for my understanding of Wilber, i think the bald guy is strongly anchored in both Maharshi and Aurobindo. on the absolute side he champions Ramana, on the relative side he champions Aurobindo. those two go hand-in-hand due to the two-truths doctrine of Buddhism.
for example when it comes to the absolute Wilber uses Ramana-style pointing out instructions, but when it comes to the relative he's like the intellectual samurai like Aurobindo was, and yes, Wilber values the physical (without the occultism of Aurobindo) because the physical is the "exterior" of the "interior" luminosity. that's the basic difference between Aurobindo and Wilber (from what i understand).
for Wilber, the physical is not the "lower" manifestation but the "exterior." big difference.anyway, that's how i understand it. when it comes to the absolute, Ramana is the par excellance. when it comes to the relative, Sri Aurobindo is the man. Wilber marries those two (but stripping out Aurobindo's occultism). it's up to us to choose our paths. me, being a person who wants adventure, likes to imagine the super-possibilities (e.g. the occult) Aurobindo laid out. but in the back of my mind, it gives me a sense of security that there is Ramana's absolute waiting to catch us and give us rest every whenever we fall. January 25, 2006 at 12:36 PM in Integral Stuff Permalink Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Spiritual Heavyweights: RM, SA, KW:

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