January 20, 2006

Nolini, Purani, Amrita, Pavitra

Nolini: It was during my stay at the Gardens that I had my first meeting and interview with Sri Aurobindo... it was about four in the afternoon when I reached there, As I sat waiting in one of the rooms downstairs, Sri Aurobindo came down, stood near me and gave me an inquiring look. I said, in Bengali, 'Barin has sent me. Would it be possible for you to come to the Gardens with me now?' He answered very slowly, pausing on each syllable separately- it seemed he had not yet got used to speaking in Bengali - and said, 'Go and tell Barin, I have not yet had my lunch. It will not be possible to go today.' So that was that. I did not say a word, did my namaskara and came away. This was my first happy meeting with him, my first Darshan and interview. A long biography by Stephen K. Watson
Purani: On November 23, 1938 I got up at 2 o'clock to prepare hot water for the Mother's early bath because the 24th was Darshan day. Between 2.20 and 2.30 the Mother rang the bell. I ran up the staircase to be told about an accident that had happened to Sri Aurobindo's foot and to be asked to fetch the doctor. This accident brought about a change in his complete retirement, and rendered him available to those who had to attend on him. This opened out a long period of 12 years during which his retirement was modified owing to circumstances, inner and outer, that made it possible for him to have direct physical contacts with the world outside.
The long period of the second world war with all its vicissitudes passed through these years. It was a priceless experience to see how he devoted his energies to the task of saving humanity from the threatened reign of Nazism. It was a practical lesson of solid work done for humanity without any thought of return or reward, without even letting humanity know what he was doing for it! Thus he lived the Divine and showed us how the Divine cares for the world, how he comes down and works for man. I shall never forget how he who was at one time - in his own words - "not merely a non-co-operator but an enemy of British Imperialism" bestowed such anxious care on the health of Churchill, listening carefully to the health bulletins! It was the work of the Divine, it was the Divine's work for the world. Evening Talks
Amrita: Sri Aurobindo's residence. 15th August 1913. Birthday celebration. A small gathering. Amrita pays his homage to Sri Aurobindo for the first time. Time: 5:15 p.m. One of the callers garlands Sri Aurobindo amidst cheers. The guests are seated in rows and served with sweets. Sri Aurobindo slowly passes by, facing each of the party for a moment. Amrita's eyes sparkle with delight. After the repast the guests take leave of Sri Aurobindo one by one. Amrita stays on. Time: 8:15 p.m. Sri Aurobindo at a table. Amrita goes into Sri Aurobindo's presence with folded hands, walks around him and finally stands in front for a moment, their eyes meeting. Sri Aurobindo signals to an inmate to give Amrita a sweet. Amrita withdraws from the presence, visibly moved. The Descent Of The Blue by Sri Chinmoy
Pavitra: Night of February 5, 1966 "It is a night of fully conscious spiritual experience, a night of torture and glory."I walked through large rooms in which beings without communication with outside were living. And other rooms where wretched beings were dragging out a wretched life. They took notice of my presence, which seemed to bring them a ray of light from outside. A few reacted well, with a smile; others fled. A few knocked against me. Then I went into other rooms. The same goal always seemed to justify my presence. For, as I went by, a few showed a sign of hope. But at the same time obstacles, sufferings, tortures of all kinds fell on me. They were not deliberately inflicted tortures, but sorts of reactions of ignorance and suffering."This work progressively became more and more difficult for me. I moved about with difficulty, walked more and more slowly, as though overburdened, until it finally became difficult for me to find my way ... to escape."
These experiences seemed to last for a long time. When they ended, I found myself in my physical body, surprised that it bore no marks of all that I had just undergone."But I slowly began to understand the meaning of all that had taken place. An immense gratitude rose from my heart towards the Supreme, as did an entire self-giving so that His Will may be accomplished everywhere. Mother's Agenda

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