January 19, 2006

Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi Branch

To all those who work and learn in the Delhi Branch of the ashram, I send my blessings. Let each one do his very best and, peacefully, leave to the Supreme the care of the results. The Mother
The Mother had once called the Sri Aurobindo Ashram at Pondicherry a veritable laboratory to work out the future society. Its counterpart in the capital of India, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi Branch, can be best understood as an extension of the centre of sadhana at Pondicherry.
According to Sri Aurobindo, "All Life is Yoga". In this Integral Yoga, the integral life down to the smallest detail has to be divinised : an inner illumination that does not change the outer life leaves the world as it is. The object of our yoga is self-perfection and world-perfection.
From an early age the Mother had dreamed of a place where the seekers of the Divine could completely dedicate themselves to spiritual life. By providing a congenial environment and field of activities, the Ashram seeks to be such a place. With the needs of the body provided, each one takes his work which may be in one of the many units, in the spirit of service and unselfishness, in the spirit of Karma Yoga - as an offering to the Divine.
The Delhi Branch was officially inaugurated on 12 February, 1956, with the Blessings of the Mother. To the joy and gratitude of spiritual seekers in Northern India, the Mother graciously granted the relics of Sri Aurobindo to be enshrined here on 5th December, 1957. Since then, the Ashram has been growing at a steady pace. The shrine and the Meditation Hall continue to be the center of life and the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the guiding light.
All live and work here as equals. The doors of the Ashram are open for those who aspire for a higher life, with the trust that their aspiration will not stop merely at having a pious wish for a higher and nobler aim, but will manifest increasingly in the thoughts, the life movements and the physical expressions - which will all be progressively and integrally consecrated to the Divine.

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