January 17, 2006

Velury Chandrasekharam

Sri Aurobindo has, through some mystic sympathy of his being, recaptured the thought of the ancient seers in its purity and integrity.[p.6] The Veda and the Upanishad have been waiting for centuries for the next forward and inevitable step. That step has now been taken. The result of that step is "The Life Divine."[p.11] Sri Aurobindo's philosophy is above all else the philosophy of a divine life, and this aspect of it may be said to his greatest and in a way special contribution.[p.22, 1940]
Sri Aurobindo is the hundred-petalled lotus…Harmonious synthesis is the soul of Sri Aurobindo’s teaching, thought and Yogic life. Global, integral synthesis is their basis. Such a clear, broad and lucid synthesis of the ancient and the modern, of the East and the West and of the many philosophical views in the world that are pitted against one another has not been reached until now. Sri Aurobindo has offered a spiritual symphony to the world. Our country’s tradition of synthesis in spiritual as well as secular life gradually became weakened, and finally was almost lost. Then began the great downfall of our country.

This ancient tradition of synthesis our country will again take up through Sri Aurobindo. For the synthesis of the One and the Many, and of the different and yet complementary truths has in Sri Aurobindo’s teaching blossomed like the rounded full-blown lotus… Sri Aurobindo is the incarnation in human form of the perfect blossoming of our eternal Wisdom.[p.136, August 15, 1947]

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