January 26, 2006

Evening Talks: Indian and WW II politics

EVENING TALKS This is an interesting book containing conversations that took place between Sri Aurobindo and some of his disciples. Because the conversation is casual for the most part, you get a feel for Sri Aurobindo's personality in a different way than you can from his writings. While there is plenty of material to read about spiritual practice and experiences, there is also a fair amount about Indian and WW II politics. If you have no interest in the political sections, try to stick with it because some of the most fascinating parts of this book are about Sri Aurobindo's influence on the war and specifically Winston Churchill. posted by Gordon Wednesday, January 25, 2006 10:27 PM Location: Novato, CA SELF EMPIRE "To be equal is the first condition of real mastery, self-empire is it's basis" -Sri Aurobindo

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