January 24, 2006

Fourth Dimension

Dear brother soul Mohapatra,
Very glad to see your Blog and learn about your great understanding and admiration of the supramental Avtar of the New Age. I'm Shiva Vangara, have been living in-out of Ashram and Auroville, at present in Bombay pursuing the epic Hollywood project inspired by SAVITRI, entilted FOURTH DIMENSION. Love Shiva
# posted by Shiva Vangara : 9:16 PM
How come you are writing like a stranger! We have been co-workers so often in the Delhi Book Fair courtesy Dr Gyanchandra. Chase your dream, as they say. SAVITRI must vanquish and Harmony prevail.
# posted by Tusar N Mohapatra : 12:46 PM


  1. Oh! I'm sorry, now I remember you. Are you going to be in the Book Fair from 27th. I may visit.