January 16, 2006

The Mind Of The Cells

69.3.15 What is this creation after all?...Separateness, and tehn meanness and cruellty—the thirst to harm—and then suffering;and then illness, decay and death—destruction. All that is part of the same thing. And what I experienced was the UNREALITY of those things, as if we were trapped in an unreal falsehood, and everything vanishes when we get out ot it—it DOESN'T EXIST, it isn't! That's what is frightening! That all those things which are so real, so concrete, so frightening for us do not exist. That...we are simply trapped in falsehood.
Why? How? What?... Never, ever, not once in all its life, had this body felt such total and profound pain as It did that day, oh!... Then, at the end of it: bliss. And everything vanished. As if all that, all those awful things, didn't exist. And all the methods—which could be termed artificial, including Nirvana—(which gives the impression you can escape), all that is worthless. They are at different levels, but they are worthless. And after that, just when you feel you are stuck in fell forever, suddenly...suddenly, a state of consciousness in which everything is light, splendor, beauty, happiness, kindness... It is impossible to express.
"Here I am," it comes, then zap! Gone. Is that it? Is that the key?... I don't know. But salvation is physical—not mental in the least, but PHYSICAL. I mean it isn't found in flight: it's HERE. And it isn't veiled or hidden or anything: it's here. What is it in the whole that prevents us from living "that," and why? I don't know. It's here. It is HERE. And all the rest, including death and all that, simply becomes a falsehood, meaning something that doesn't exist......But one can't get out all alone.It's not being done for one body, it's for all the bodies of the earth. by Mother Aurobindo From "Mind of the Cells" by Satprem posted by susanne Wednesday, August 3 @ 12:47 PM

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