January 30, 2006

Muddled maps, models and metaphors

The moment you slip into talking about ‘quarks’, ‘gluons’, ‘leptons’, ‘gauge symmetry’, ‘string variance’, the slippery slope into muddled maps, models and metaphors becomes such that truth becomes ever more elusive. The so-called search for a 'Final Theory' is so preposterous; I don't know even where to begin. It is the ultimate arrogance of our time that scientists even use such phraseology. As a scientist, I highly value the scientific methodology to discovery and make use of knowledge gained from it. Who can argue with the wonders of the modern world, the awe inspiring images of the Hubble Space Telescope, the discovery of extrasolar planets, or the latest high speed computers? I love all of these things, and we have the scientific method to thank for it. But we are talking apples and oranges here. Paul Hughes Editor, Future Hi Posted by Paul at January 13, 2006 12:10 PM

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