January 19, 2006

Fibonacci and Sri Aurobindo

Tuesday, January 17, 2006 Thou art that: I got to thinking about "involution-evolution" and recalled my conversation with my son about my "slinky" idea and decided to do an image search on magnetic polarity. This image here is what I was trying to convey to my son regarding cosmic energy by using the "slinky" model / ouroboros reference. Along with this pic, came others very similar in idea but in varying depictions, including one which illustrated the movement of the earths poles...and a magnetic chart which looked very near like a DNA sequence.
Yikes! The common theme here is a set of numbers called "the fibonacci sequence", which can be found in a variety of examples. There is a definite theme running here.I feel this is all tied together in a very intimate nature. In applying Yoga methods to personal meditation, it is the goal to go from "gross" to "subtle", to pinpoint the origin from the vastness of ones meta-physical create a funnel of sorts in your perspective until you reach that single point of awareness. At that point is the "door" to the other side...the "gates to heaven", if you will, whereby through its passage one is to enter the infinite, cosmic universe...ok? (Im keeping this simple)
Imagine an hourglass laying on its side, the narrow center of which represents that single pointed gate to the other side....thats the internal path within oneself one must make passage from one "pole" to the other "pole" by way of the magnet itself...of the planet become one with the complete self in all its variations through the experience of the journey...and to realize the polarity of the physical, and the duality of the metaphysical, are of one existance.
Leonardo Fibonacci(intellectual) and Sri Aurobindo(spiritual), see the same thing within different mindsets. Mirra, "The Mother"(physical), is the sum manifestation of our awareness and ultimately represents that which we must come to understand and accept. MATTER/MOTHER/EARTH IS THE LIVING SUBSTANCE FROM WHICH OUR EXISTENCE IS EMANATED, THEREFORE ALL MATTER IS ALIVE AND IS OF US...MY BODY, THAT ROCK ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD, THE TREE IN THE FIELD...WE ARE ONE. "THOU ART THAT!" posted by dennis at 6:05 PM

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