January 30, 2006

Laboratory of Evolution

The research unit known as the "Laboratory of Evolution" was started in 1984 in one of the available spaces at Bharat Nivas, as a temporary location. In 1985, the LOE has become the LOE/CHU, thanks to the addition of a twin research unit, the Centre for Human Unity. The overall purpose of the joint unit is to be a centre of documentation and a dynamic focus for stimulating research, in Auroville and elsewhere, concerning further evolution of the human species, which Sri Aurobindo and The Mother have not only announced, but have opened the way for. Through the unit's name, people also have a constant reminder that the whole earth is a "laboratory of evolution".
The unit's most visible aspect until now has been its specialised library, covering the numerous topics related to the study of evolution, past and future, AS seen both from a scientific and a spiritual point of view in the light of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother's evolutionary vision and work. The unit is welcoming people new to Auroville (especially students), who come with many questions about Auroville and its underlying vision. In the LOE/CHU they can find the complete works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, plus Satprem and many other "disciples". They can also find all the books written by Aurovilians themselves, and many other books and documents about the township. Besides this, a whole range of books, magazines and cassettes in many languages, about evolution, are available for lending, with the possibility of obtaining further information and advice if requested.
The research aspect of the unit has developed steadily over the years, and the various expressions of that research are now starting to attract more and more interest, from outsiders as well as from Aurovilians. On an ongoing basis the unit is engaged in the following research work:
  • Integral yoga and its confluence with the emerging new scientific paradigms in physics, biology, medicine, history, etc.
  • An index of 'Mother's Agenda', the 13 volume record of Mother's pioneering steps towards a conscious and transformed body, the future body which evolution is already now preparing for a transformed human species.
  • The secret consciousness in our body cells and how to awaken and develop it (a book is currently being written on this topic, and a number of workshops have been held).
  • Messages and other texts by The Mother about Auroville. These have all been put together into one large compilation, which individuals or working groups in Auroville can photocopy for their own use. Others just ask orally for what they need.
  • Development since many years of an innovative board game, "Gayatri": evolution played as 'the adventure of consciousness and joy' (Sri Aurobindo, "Savitri").
  • Flowers and consciousness.
  • Awakening of body consciousness through hatha yoga and martial arts.
  • Research on chakras.

One important area of research envisioned from the start needs to be added to what is already being done: the kind of scientific research which a "laboratory of evolution" ought also to do. For example, to experiment with the diverse biofeedback instruments which show the physiological effects that the various states of consciousness have on the human body. With the help of such devices, even children should be able to learn (to a certain extent) how to be, at will, in a specific state of consciousness, and how to communicate more consciously with their body.

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