January 26, 2006

The eternal opposites have met in Sri Aurobindo.

Sri Aurobindo: His Integral Philosophy -Dr. Ananda Reddy
S.A.C.A.R. is the sole legal authority for Sri Aurobindo Darshan: The University of Tomorrow
Thus Sri Aurobindo puts before us the uncompromising ideal of the total transformation of man and a divine perfection of human life. The highest and the most complete life that awaits man’s destiny in a divinised earth is the work undertaken by Sri Aurobindo The unregenerate mind, life and body of man are taken up, purified, heightened and uplifted into their true mould on the supramental truth-consciousness level. Man is asked to raise himself to his true manhood by which alone can he become a perfect, integral and complete being: his psychic becoming the vehicle of true and pure love, his mind reflecting infallible knowledge, his vital manifesting inner power and strength and his body expressing a perfect divine beauty and harmony.
What Sri Aurobindo posits is the perfect solution: to immortalise the body, to spiritualise the material, to divinise the human. This solution seems to be the only complete one to the age long dichotomy between Matter and Spirit, between Divinity and Humanity, between Immortality and the Mortal. No one till now has been able to reconcile and bring accordance to these apparently self-contradictory and mutually self-exclusive pairs, neither the Vedantins nor the Mayavadins, neither saints nor gurus, neither pundits nor scholars. The eternal opposites have met for the first time in Sri Aurobindo.

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